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Burkley has paid attention to all the issues -- often before they become general knowledge -- and then investigated them, negotiated, worked out language that is good for our neighborhood, and good for Metro as a whole, and negotiated some more until good legislation can be worked out.

Gene Teselle, Belmont Hillsboro Neighborhood founder

When my neighborhood had parking and traffic issues, Burkley was a major help to us. She acted as a liaison with the proper departments at Metro, came to meetings and really helped us find a workable solution. She was also helpful in assisting our street with the much needed zoning overlay. She listens to problems, finds solutions, attends community meetings and events ... I have often heard it said that she is the hardest working member of the council, and we are lucky to have her there.

Mary Skinner, HWEN Board Member

Burkley is available to her constituents. She carefully studies each piece of legislation she approves or writes to evaluate how it would affect the community and its members. She communicates with community members to inform them how government is working for them. She works to protect and to improve the quality of life in the neighborhoods through sidewalks, bike lanes, walkability, increasing the number of trees.

Nancy Fullerton, HWEN Board Member
Jim Shulman leftquote

We are fortunate in Nashville to have people who work tirelessly to improve the community in which we live. Burkley Allen is simply one of those people. Through my terms on the Metro Council, I could always count on Burkley to step up and provide sound guidance and leadership. Burkley is the type of person that I believe we all want and need on Metro Council.

Jim Shulman, Vice Mayor

While serving as President of a nearby neighborhood association, and in the years since, I have observed firsthand Burkley Allen’s tireless and effective work on neighborhood issues. She has the intelligence, character, energy and interest that we need on the City Council. We are fortunate to have someone of her quality willing to run for the office.

David Steed, former President, Richland-West End Neighborhood Association

Burkley Allen has demonstrated her commitment to improving community environments time and time again. When the community has been presented with a problem she has given her leadership, her expertise and her hard work to develop solutions. Thanks to Burkley’s efforts, we have a greener community, zoning to protect our residential neighborhoods and increased community involvement.

Jan Bushing, HWEN Board Member and former Democratic State Rep.
Jan Bushing

Burkley Allen, for decades, has been doing the work of a council person. She has a deep and rich history and understanding of what makes the 18th District “tick”. One of her greatest assets is her ability to listen, understand, process and then proceed with information that is in the best interest of the neighborhood. Her experience makes her a stand-out candidate as her deeply rooted causes: schools, parks, homes, and businesses are her focus and investment. Burkley will represent all of us fairly, bravely, and wisely.

Cameron Phillips
Ginger Hausser leftquote

As a go-to neighborhood leader, Burkley assisted me in decisions affecting our district throughout my eight years as council member for District 18. She worked on every major zoning, school, parks, and university-community issue that came up in Hillsboro West End. For the last three decades, Burkley has played a key role in protecting and improving our progressive neighborhoods. She will continue to be our tireless advocate on the Council.

Ginger Hausser, former District 18 Council Member

Burkley is the real deal. She lives what she teaches. She teaches what she believes.

Sheila Jensen, former HWEN Board Member

For over 20 years, Burkley Allen has been a surrogate council member in the Hillsboro West End neighborhood. Now it’s time we elect her.

Irish Park, HWEN Board Member

Burkley Allen is the perfect candidate for District 18 and Metro Council. She's an experienced, tireless advocate for all aspects of our neighborhoods who's progressive and compassionate. Burkley knows how to listen and how to build consensus. She gets the job done.

Gary Bynum, BHN Board Member
Gary Bynum

Burkley is one of the most thoughtful preservationists I know. She doesn’t merely react but looks at the issues and helps to find solutions. When I was at the Historical Commission, I frequently found myself asking, ‘What does Burkley think?’

Anne Roberts, former Executive Director, Metropolitan Historical Commission

Burkley has the knowledge and experience it takes to serve effectively in Metro Council. She also has the compassion to balance heart with head when making decisions that impact people’s lives. My wife Ann and I support her, and we know the businesses and residents of District 18 will benefit greatly from having her represent all of us.

Evans Donnell

I have known Burkley Allen for many years both as a neighbor and while serving together on the Hillsboro West End Neighbors association board. Burkley is extremely intelligent, energetic and caring about important issues to our area of town and the entire city. She will make an excellent council person. Please vote Burkley!

Jon Norris, HWEN Board Member

District 18 has benefited from Burkley’s service for years. Sitting at council will merely be claiming the title of a position she has already filled.

Josh Tillman

She gets things done.

Kitty Calhoon