Voter Information

For additional information beyond the summaries below, please consult the Davidson County Election Commission.

Important Dates

  • 8/23 - First day of early voting
  • 9/5 - Last day to request an absentee ballot
  • 9/7 - Last day of early voting
  • 9/12 - Election day

Useful Links

Early Voting: August 23 - September 7

Early voting runs from August 23 to September 7 at the Howard Office Building and from August 30 to September 7 at all other locations. The polls are open all days except Sundays. Poll hours are 8:00am until 4:30pm, 5:30pm, or 7:00pm depending on the day. Full details in early voting locations and hours.

Registered voters can vote early at any of the following locations:

  • Belle Meade City Hall
    4705 Harding Pike (map)
  • Bellevue Library
    720 Baugh Road (map)
  • Bordeaux Library
    4000 Clarksville Pike (map)
  • Casa Azafrán Community Center
    2195 Nolensville Pike (map)
  • Edmondson Pike Library
    5501 Edmondson Pike (map)
  • Goodlettsville Community Center
    200 Memorial Drive (map)
  • Green Hills Library
    3701 Benham Avenue (map)
  • Hermitage Library
    3700 James Kay Lane (map)
  • Howard Office Building
    700 2nd Ave S (map)
  • Madison Library
    610 Gallatin Pike South (map)
  • Southeast Library
    5260 Hickory Hollow Pkwy (map)


The polls open on September 12 from 7:00am to 7:00pm. Each voter may vote only at their assigned precinct location. You can find your voting location using the Polling Place Finder.

Note: You must bring an ID to vote. See the voter ID requirements.

Absentee Voting

Absentee “by-mail” voting is available for registered voters who are unable to vote in person during early or regular voting. The complete list of valid reasons for voting by mail is given here. To request an absentee ballot, mail or fax the following form to the Davidson County Election Commission by September 5: absentee ballot request form.