August Update

August 1, 2021


Rent Relief program - The Metro Action Commission (MAC) and partner non-profits are working against the clock to match landlords and tenants with federal funding available to pay a year’s worth of back rent for tenants impacted by the pandemic. This can be a win/win for both landlord and tenant. Tenants and/or landlords can apply at here, or call the Metro Action HOPE call center at 615-862-7368 (615-862-RENT) for more information. Tenants already facing eviction for non-payment of rent can request to go through the Housing Resource Diversionary Court (HRDC) program to work out a payment plan. To qualify for Diversionary court, tenants must begin the HOPE application process and fill out the L.E.G.A.C.Y HRDC application available here and then show up to court for the eviction hearing. It is imperative that tenants show up for their court dates or the landlord will be given the default judgement to evict. If the tenant comes to eviction court on the court date with the HOPE and HRDC application, the judge can review the information and see if the landlord will agree for the case to be transferred to the HRDC docket. Once the case is transferred to HRDC, the tenant will be assigned a MAC/HRDC Housing Court Navigator who will serve as case manager during the process.

Metro Schools began in person on August 10. They will be following CDC guidelines on distancing and masking to keep students, teachers, and staff safe and healthy. The pandemic conditions continue to evolve, and recommendations will be updated if necessary if new data indicates changes are needed.

Brush pick-up is scheduled for the following areas:

  • August 5 - Area 11: Joelton, Whites Creek, Marrowbone, Scottsboro, Bells Bend, Bordeaux, Haynes Heights, Haynes Manor
  • August 11 - Area 12: Goodlettsville, Dalemere, Bellshire
  • August 18 - Area 1: West Madison, Capital View, Douglas Park, Cleveland Park, McFerrin Park, Highland Heights
  • August 26 - Area 2: East Madison, Inglewood, Neely’s Bend, Peeler Park, Maplewood Heights, Iverson, Maxwell Heights, Edgefield, Eastwood, Shelby Bottoms, Shelby Hills, and Lockland Springs

Public comment period – The Metro Council invites citizens to speak publicly about important issues. The council meetings on the first Tuesday of the month always include public hearings for zoning issues on the agenda. The council has now added a citizen driven comment period for the alternating meetings. At the Council Meeting on the third Tuesday of every month, residents of Davidson County can reserve a two-minute time slot to speak about one topic of their choosing. Twenty minutes is reserved for the Public Comment Period, allowing for up to ten constituents to speak. Constituents can sign up for time slots on a first-come, first-served basis on the website. To allow opportunity for many different people to speak, constituents may sign-up to speak at the Public Comment Period once every ninety days.


Metro Water Services still needs neighbors to Adopt a Storm Drain. Keeping drains clear of sticks, leaves, and trash can help prevent flooding during the big rain events that seem to be happening more and more frequently. To adopt a storm drain near you, visit the website.

Metro Water Services has published its consumer confidence report showing how our water quality compares with national standards. This can be found here.

Redistricting - Every 10 years, after the U.S. Census, Metro Nashville has to re-establish the boundaries for Metro Council and School Board districts. The new districts must be balanced in population and follow traditional redistricting criteria, in conformance with federal, state, and local rules. The Metro Charter assigns responsibility for local redistricting to the Planning Commission, which makes its recommendation to the Metro Council for adoption. Once the Census redistricting data is released (likely this month), the process will move very quickly. To help get ready, Planning’s Redistricting Team has released a survey on communities within Nashville so neighbors can weigh in on what they consider their neighborhood boundaries. That information will be used along with the census data to create draft maps. Once draft maps are ready, planners will host community meetings and provide online opportunities to review, comment on, and adjust district boundaries.

For more information, check out the Nashville Redistricting website. This process is totally separate from the state redistricting process, which determines state and federal districts. The state process is run by the majority party and generally does not include community engagement. There is an interesting website that gives a good overview of where state district lines currently are and what criteria can be used to redraw the lines.

Neighbor2Neighbor, a key organization for empowering neighborhoods is looking for another non-profit to share its office space in Metro Center. The 1,964 square foot office and training center is located near a WeGo bus stop with plenty of free parking for guests. In addition to a dedicated office, shared space includes a reception area with a six-person conference table, refreshment area, two restrooms and a training room. For more information, contact Jim Hawk by email at or call 615-495-2945.

The Nashville Department of Transportation (NDOT) has convened a Vision Zero Task Force to develop strategies to eliminate traffic and pedestrian deaths. The task force will compile data, study best practices from other cities, and propose a plan for intersection revisions, signage, crosswalk improvements, and other innovations to make walking a safer mode of transportation. This process includes a community-wide Vision Zero Survey to gather ideas from Nashvillians. The Vision Zero community survey takes five minutes or less to complete. To participate, go to

I hope everyone is enjoying the last days of summer. Please let me know what concerns or suggestions you have for Nashville. You can reach me at or 615-383-6604.

Burkley Allen
Metro Council At-Large

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