Council Updates

October Update

October 1, 2019

I am pleased to be sending out my first monthly update as a newly elected Council Member At-Large. Great things are happening in Nashville, and we’ve got a new directive to focus on neighborhoods that I think can return the general mood back to optimism. We can make this a good city for everyone. It has been fantastic getting to know so many new people as I traveled around the county on the campaign trail. Nashville is a wonderfully diverse place, and I am excited about serving the whole city. I’ll be serving on the Budget and Public Works Committees and as Chair of the Affordable Housing Committee.

WeGo Public Transit Update

On September 29 WeGo Public Transit implemented system-wide service changes that are a combination of rescheduling, rerouting, combining, and route eliminations. These changes were made to address the agency’s $8.7 million operating budget deficit for the 2019-2020 Fiscal Year caused by the unfortunate combination of Metro’s budge challenges and the loss of a state energy grant. Information about the changes is available at the WeGo Transit website. Schedule racks at WeGo Central will begin to be updated by Friday, September 27 with printed schedules for routes with major changes. Printed schedules will be available for all remaining routes by October 4.

Community Shred-It Day and Pharma Trash Disposal

Metro Crime Stoppers is offering Community Shred-It Day and Pharma Trash Disposal on Saturday, October 5, from 9:00am - 1:00pm at Nissan Stadium parking lots B and D (enter from Interstate Drive). Personal documents will be instantly destroyed by a Shred-it mobile cross shredder and will be recycled to protect owners from identity theft and to help protect the environment! A $5 per box donation benefits Nashville Crime Stoppers. ALL donations from this event go directly to their reward fund!! Receipts will be made available for the tax-deductible donation. The Metro Nashville Police Department’s Auto Theft Unit will also be on site to do VIN etching with a suggested $10 donation to Nashville Crime Stoppers, Inc. For more information on the VIN etching, contact Auto Theft Unit at 615-862-7612 or 615-862-7609. Metro officers will also be collecting prescription medications that are longer needed to properly dispose of them and prevent abuse.

Street Sweeping Schedule

The Street Sweeping Schedule is published monthly on Metro’s Open Data website. Moving cars off the street on sweeping day will help Metro Water Services get debris and leaves off the street before they end up in the storm sewer system and clog it up. And since leaves have already started to fall, please remember not to blow your leaves into the street. Metro will pick them up if they are bagged in compostable bags, which can be bought at most hardware stores. This is also a great time of year to Adopt-A-Storm-Drain at their website here. Pick a storm drain near you and commit to keeping it free of sticks, leaves, and trash to keep our water ways clean and help prevent flooding on your street during heavy rains.

Brush Pick-up

Brush Pick-up in Green Hills and the Belmont Hillsboro and 12th South Neighborhoods is already under way. Pick-up for Hillsboro West End, Whitland, and Bellevue begins Oct 4. On October 22, pick-up starts in Buena Vista, College Heights, Cockrill Bend, the Nations, and Charlotte Park. On October 29, pick-up begins in Joelton, Scottsboro, Bells Bend, Bordeaux, Haynes Park, and Trinity Hills. Neighbors can confirm dates on the Public Works website here. Remember to put leaves in compostable bags and place brush piles away from utility poles so the machinery can pick them up safely.

Home Tours

Fall is a great time for home tours. The Belmont Hillsboro Neighborhood Home Tour takes place Saturday, October 5 from 11am - 5pm. Tickets can be bought ahead of time at Hillsboro Hardware or on-line at the Belmont Hillsboro website.

I-440 Construction Update

The I-440 construction has now moved to the outer two lanes and bridge widening. Crews are breaking up the old concrete road to re-use the crushed concrete as base for the new asphalt road.

Metro Recycling Program

Metro Public Works is adjusting the city’s Recycling Program in response to several factors. As the world market for recyclable materials has changed, processors are demanding less contamination and taking only materials that are practical to recycle. Cardboard, aluminum and metal cans, and #1 and #2 plastic still have very strong markets and really do get turned into new products in an economic and sustainable way. If there is a triangle with a 1 or 2 inside, it should be recycled. It is absolutely worth the effort to rinse them out and put them in your recycling bins or take them to a collection center. Other types of plastic are less likely to be delivered to a processor and more likely to end up in the land fill just because no processors are located close enough to make it worth the transportation cost. That includes many types of take-out “clamshell” containers. Plastic bags are especially a problem at Metro’s sorting facility and should never be put in the recycling. They tangle up the machinery and frequently shut down the whole operation. Kroger and Publix grocery stores will take plastic grocery bags and other plastic bags labeled with a 4 in the triangle. Better than recycling those bags, shoppers can get in the habit of keeping a few reusable bags on-hand and using those instead.

Zero Waste Solid Waste Master Plan

The city does have a long-range plan to reduce waste overall known as the Zero Waste Solid Waste Master Plan. The goal is to reduce our dependence on shrinking landfill space and move toward throwing almost nothing away. The research for the Master Plan determined that close to half of Nashville’s trash is food waste or otherwise biodegradable material. The city is already working with grocery stores to redirect food that has been thrown away in the past for being just beyond expiration dates or blemished to match it up with food banks or hunger organizations. Residents can help by composting household food waste. There is helpful information on the Public Works website. The next biggest dent in waste reduction can come from increasing recycling by making it more convenient. Public Works plans to start offering twice monthly recycling pick-up later this year. More information about the Zero Waste Master Plan is available here.

Historic Design Guideline Consolidation

The Metro Historic staff has been working with representatives of Nashville’s many historic districts on a project for Historic Design Guideline Consolidation. The draft report was presented to the Metro Historic Zoning Commission (MHZC) last month, and community meetings are being held to allow for citizen input. The final two meetings will be held:

  • 10/7, 6pm, at the McCabe Park Community Center, 101 46th Ave N
  • 10/21, 6pm, at the Martin Professional Center, 2400 Fairfax Avenue

The project also includes a plan book to allow more flexibility in design of Accessory Units in historic districts. The plan book and consolidated guidelines will be back before the MHZC after comments from the community meetings are reviewed and incorporated where appropriate.

Community Education Commission (CEC) and the Industrial Development Board (IDB) Vacancies

Vice-Mayor Jim Shulman has announced vacancies for the Community Education Commission (CEC) and the Industrial Development Board (IDB). The Metropolitan Council is responsible for the appointment of new members to fill these vacancies. The Community Education Commission oversees the operation of the Community Education program, which offers affordable weekly classes in diverse subjects including art, career training, foreign languages, legal topics, and wellness. Members of the CEC serve terms lasting three (3) years. Nominations for the CEC must be submitted in writing and filed with the Metropolitan Clerk at not later than 4:00 p.m. on October 8, 2019. The Clerk will then provide a questionnaire which must be returned within three days. Nominees will be announced at the October 15 Council meeting. CEC Nominees must meet with the Council’s Rules-Elections-Public Elections Committee on Tuesday, November 5 before the election to fill the seat at the Council meeting on that same evening. The function of the Industrial Development Board is to acquire, own, lease, and dispose of properties to promote industry and develop trade by inducing manufacturing, industrial, and commercial enterprises to locate in Nashville. Members of the IDB serve terms lasting six (6) years. Council Members will nominate candidates for the IDB at the October 15, 2019 Council meeting. IDB Nominees must meet with the Council’s Rules-Elections-Public Elections Committee on Tuesday, November 5, 2019, before the election to fill the seat at the Council meeting on that same evening. Registered voters in Davidson County are eligible to serve. Citizens who are interested in being considered should contact their council members and send a resume before the next council meeting.

In Conclusion

I hope everyone’s Fall is off to a good start. Please let me know what you want the council to focus on this term. You can email me or call at 615-383-6604.

Burkley Allen
Metro Council At-Large

July Update

July 1, 2019

Nashville MTA Bus Changes

Nashville’s bus service will see changes beginning August 2. The Nashville MTA Board of Directors voted to approve a series of WeGo service reductions and fare changes proposed by staff in May. These proposals were made to address the agency’s $8.7 million operating budget deficit for the upcoming fiscal year caused by a state funding reduction. The fare increase approved by the Board will make each one-way trip on regular bus service $2.00. Part of the fare increase will be invested to cover the costs of service added due to the feedback received during the...

June Update

June 1, 2019

Metro Historic Preservation Awards

Winners of the Metro Historic Preservation Awards were announced in May, and District 18 was well represented. 1405 Linden, home of Emily and Kris Douglas, and 1707 Blair were recognized for excellence in historic renovation. The winners for historically sensitive new construction went to 1702 Sweetbriar and 204 Elmington. The Metropolitan Historical Commission presented the Achievement Award to District 18’s Ann Toplovich, longtime executive director of the Tennessee Historical Society, (see more about Ann’s award here) for her dedication to the preservation, interpretation, and promotion of Tennessee history.

Movies In The Park


April Update

April 1, 2019

Electronic Waste Disposal Day

The Beautification Commissioners and Council Members from Districts 18, 24, and 25 are hosting an Electronic Waste Disposal Day on Saturday, April 13th from 9:00am until noon at West End Middle School. This is your opportunity to dispose of unwanted electronics and even prescription drugs. Acceptable items include computers, keyboards, computer cables, hard drives, cell phones, monitors, printers, TVs, microwaves, radios, and rechargeable batteries.

Transit Month

April is Transit Month, which includes events all month to encourage transit ridership. Events include an Art Crawl on April 6, Urban Design Forum on April 9, Progressive...

March Update

March 1, 2019

Metro Historic Commission Awards program

Friday March 8 is the deadline for the Metro Historic Commission Awards program. Neighbors can nominate properties that have been historically renovated or new properties that have been designed sensitive to the historic nature of the neighborhood. To be considered, nominated properties must be located in Davidson County and, with the exception of the infill construction category, must have been built no later than 1969. Infill projects should be no older than 2017. Categories for nominations include Residential Properties (single-family and multi-family), Commercial Buildings, Religious Properties, Engineering and Industrial Structures, Educational and Institutional Buildings,...

February Update

February 1, 2019

Mixed Use Hotel/Residential Project at Murphy Road and West End

The mixed use hotel/residential project at Murphy Road and West End was up for Public Hearing at the Council meeting on Tuesday, February 5. The proposed Specific Plan was amended to reflect the changes that have been made based on extensive community input. The hearing itself was deferred to March 5 to allow time for neighbors to review the design changes. The project has been redesigned into two shorter towers with the office component now replaced by residential units. This will reduce the impact on traffic, but the project...

January Update

January 1, 2019

Proposed Mixed-Use Project on Murphy Road

The proposed mixed-use project on Murphy Road at West End has gone through major revisions in response to concerns expressed by the three adjacent neighborhoods. The height has been lowered to match the Highwoods Tower across the street, and the office component has been replaced with a residential tower. This breaks up the mass of the building and reduces the traffic impact of the project. Council Member Ed Kindall, in whose district the project actually sits, has agreed to defer the public hearing a second time to allow for a community meeting to...

December Update

December 1, 2018

Proposed Mixed-Use Hotel Project at 3415 Murphy Road Updates

The public hearing on the proposed mixed-use hotel project at 3415 Murphy Road was deferred last month at the request of many neighbors and Council Member Murphy and me. The public hearing is now expected to be deferred again on December 4 until the council January 3 meeting. Because of all the concerns expressed by surrounding neighborhoods, the owner is redesigning the project to a height that is more in line with the near-by highrises. This is expected to lower total square footage and peak traffic counts as well. I’ve...

November Update

November 1, 2018

Corner Music Building

Several neighbors have asked about the Corner Music building renovation at 12th South and Dallas. The new owners are re-using and renovating the existing building without any change to the footprint. They have installed a temporary covering on the front while replacing the windows. Full access to the sidewalk will be restored when that work is complete.

21st Avenue Corridor Study

The 21st Avenue Corridor Study has had terrific participation. The Charette Week activities provided the Planning staff with lots of input from neighbors and property owners. The big take-aways are that everyone wants better...

October Update

October 1, 2018

Brush Pick-Up

for HWEN begins Oct 5. Pick-up in BHN and 12th South is already under way.

BHN Home Tour

The BHN Home Tour takes place Saturday, October 6 from 11 to 5. Tickets can be bought ahead of time at Hillsboro Hardware or by clicking here.

Open Streets Nashville

Everyone is invited to Open Streets Nashville along 12th Avenue South on Sunday, October 7, from 2 to 6 pm. The street will be closed to car traffic from Edgehill to Kirkwood for the day so it can be experienced as a pedestrian zone. There will...

September Update

September 1, 2018

Dockless Bikes & Scooters

After several months of community engagement and stakeholder meetings, Metro passed BL2018-1280 creating regulations for the use of dockless bikes and scooters in Nashville. After passage of the bill on August 21, the operators have been working with the Metro Transportation Licensing Commission to get permits and start their programs. Limebike and Bird launched as soon as the Mayor signed the bill into law. Neighbors can expect to see small groups of scooters parked around the district. The scooters should be upright and out of the pedestrian pathway. Having a well regulated scooter program can...

August Update

August 1, 2018

12th South Water Main Project

The 12th South Water Main project that has been completed along Beechwood and Elmwood was actually Phase 1 of a two phase process. Phase 2 is in design and may start later this fall. This would include nearby streets between Belmont and 12th South. A community meeting is anticipated in the next month or two to explain details and schedule. Keep an eye on the list serve for meeting time and location.

TN Environmental Council Annual Sustainable TN Policy & Practice Meeting

The Tennessee Environmental Council invites individuals and organizations from across the...

July Update

July 1, 2018

I will be holding District 18 Office Hours Saturday morning, July 21 from 9 am until 10:30 at Three Brothers Coffee at 2813 West End Avenue. I’ll have information on HUB Nashville, Metro’s on-line customer service hotline, the new sidewalk construction tracker, and the Open Government website. Come by for a demonstration or to tell me what is on your mind about making Metro a better city.

Several neighbors have raised concerns about trash carts sitting with their lids open after trash pick-up day. This becomes a health hazard this time of year if rain gets in the cart allowing...

June Update

June 1, 2018

Movies in the Park continues each Thursday at Elmington Park through June 21 (rain date is June 28). Festivities and food trucks start at 5 with the movie beginning at dark. The park road is closed off at 9 each Thursday morning after the morning commute and camp pick-ups are done. Park police will be on hand each Thursday to help with traffic and parking. The movies are all family friendly, including Wonder Woman, Legally Blond, and the Greatest Showman. This year, the event is working to be Wastefree so look for places to recycle cans and bottles and to...

May Update

May 1, 2018

Election Day Number 2 is May 24 for Mayor. Early voting begins at the Howard Office Building on May 4 and at all other early voting locations on May 11.

The Sevier Park Fest returns on Friday May 4th and Saturday May 5th. The festival kicks off on Friday at 6 pm with a headline concert in Sevier Park featuring SUSTO, Amanda Shires, and J Roddy Walston & the Business. The last concert begins at 9:30 pm. Saturday’s events begin at 10 am in the Park and along 12th Ave South up to Sweetbriar. The day includes bike races for...

April Update

April 1, 2018

Brush Pick-up begins in HWEN on April 4.

Belmont University will host the 2018 Davis Cup between the United States and Belgium April 6, 7 & 8. — Some of the world’s greatest tennis players will meet for a matchup in the Curb Event Center! Campus neighbors can purchase single or three-day pass tickets for 50% off by entering a special promo code: NEIGHBOR. Click here to purchase tickets! Traffic and parking will be controlled similar to the way graduation weekend is handled. Neighbors may want to avoid driving through the north end of Belmont Blvd during the weekend...

March Update

March 1, 2018

Historic Preservation Awards — The Metropolitan Historical Commission is now accepting nominations for the 2018 Historic Preservation Awards program, honoring Davidson County’s best preservation projects. The public is invited to submit buildings or structures that have been restored, rehabilitated, or carefully maintained over time. The awards also recognize well-designed new construction that harmonizes with a historic environment. To be considered, nominated properties must be located in Davidson County and, with the exception of the infill construction category, must have been built no later than 1968. Infill projects should be no older than 2016. Buildings open to the public as...

January Update

January 1, 2018

Brush Collection begins in Hillsboro West End on January 5.

Recycling your Christmas tree is easy. Last year, Nashvillians dropped off over 17,000 trees for recycling through Metro Nashville’s Christmas Tree Recycling Drop-off Program! Trees can be taken to Elmington Park or Sevier Park to be chipped and composted into mulch. Trees must be cleaned of all ornaments, lights, wire, string and other decor before bringing them to be tree-cycled. No artificial trees can be accepted. Please do not dump any other items at these drop-off locations.

Construction of Fahrenheit Yoga — Neighbors have probably noticed the demolition of...

November Update

November 1, 2017

Let’s Move Nashville — Neighbors are invited to an open house on November 9 to learn about Let’s Move Nashville, Metro’s transportation solution and twenty-five-year transit plan. This will be the focus of a referendum to be held in May to determine dedicated funding mechanisms for the $5.2 billion plan. The open house will beheld at Lentz Public Health Center, 2500 Charlotte Avenue, from 6 to 8pm, and will provide the opportunity to see where commuter rail, light rail, and significant bus improvements are proposed. The plan can also be viewed here.

The HWEN Annual meeting is Thursday, November 9 at 7pm at Belmont...

October Update

October 1, 2017

HUB Nashville — Metro’s comprehensive new customer service system is live! Metro Council and Metro IT have worked for two years to create this one-stop shop that works by phone or online for neighbors to get questions answered and concerns reported. Phone access is simply 311, and online at This great new tool eliminates the need to know multiple Metro phone numbers and e-mail addresses to report Codes violations, missed recycling pick-ups, paving requests, etc. The site provides an option to get follow-up and resolution information and provides council members with a monthly report of what has been logged in.

September Update

September 1, 2017

The HWEN Walking District is here! Signs have gone up designating the Hillsboro West End Neighborhood as a place to drive slowly so pedestrians can safely walk everywhere. Statistics show that an accident involving a pedestrian and a vehicle has a much lower fatality rate if the car is moving at 20 mph rather than 30. In partnership with Metro Public Works and Metro Police, the HWEN traffic committee has worked to increase awareness and safety. Speed limits have been lowered to 25 mph on the major streets like Blair and Natchez Trace and to 20 mph on the side streets....

Hillsboro Village Crosswalk

August 4, 2017

Read the Hillsboro Village Pedestrian Crossing Evaluation.

August Update

August 1, 2017

MTA fare reductions take effect August 1. Mayor Barry announced at the State of Metro address that the transfer fee for the Metro bus system would be eliminated. In the past, changing buses required buying a second ticket. Now, bus riders can request a transfer when they pay their $1.70 fare on a bus, and they will be given a ticket that can be used on any bus for the next two hours. This will also affect the day pass, which will be reduced to $3.25, the week pass $16, and the monthly pass, which will be reduced to $55. More...

July Update

July 1, 2017

District 18 Office Hours — I will be holding District 18 Office Hours on Saturday, July 15, from 9 to 11 at Fido in Hillsboro Village. For those who haven’t run into me in the grocery store and would like an opportunity to discuss issues that are important to you, please stop by and have a cup of coffee with me.

Community Meeting with Paragon Group — The six single family home project at Orleans and Acklen is underway, and a community meeting with the builders, Paragon Group, has been scheduled to talk about the construction schedule, street accessibility during construction, and...

June Update

June 1, 2017

Movies in the Park at Elmington Park will run for the next three Thursdays with an extra rain date at the end. The line-up includes Rogue One, The Secret Life of Pets, and Back to the Future. Food trucks and games start at 5pm, and the movies start at dusk. The park road will be closed on those days beginning at 9pm. Parking for moviegoers will be available at several area churches, but the overflow will spill into the neighborhood. Police will be around to help prevent or ticket blocked driveways or any other potential parking and traffic problems.

Ramadan, the Islamic month...

May Update

May 1, 2017

The Sevier Park Fest is this Saturday, May 5th and 6th! The Fest was created to bring adjacent neighborhoods together to enjoy the neighborhood park. Neighbors from 12South, Belmont - Hillsboro, Sunnyside, and Battlefield are specifically invited, but all are wholeheartedly welcome. The event also raises funds to help make our park and community a better place to enjoy. Proceeds from past events have been used to purchase water fountains for Sevier Park and to remove invasive plants in the park’s creek. There is lots more to do! This year’s Friday night concert headliner is The Lone Bellow, with opening acts...

April Update

April 1, 2017

Neighborhood Pop-Up Traffic Circle — The Belmont-Hillsboro Neighborhood is trying out a new type of traffic calming strategy at the intersection of 15th Ave S and Elmwood. On Saturday, April 1, a group of volunteers met at the site with TURBO Nashville to install a pop-up traffic circle. Designed by traffic engineers and approved by Metro Public Works, this temporary installation will give neighbors a chance to see how driving around a circle can slow traffic in both directions. The circle will be in place for one week while engineers monitor traffic speed. Based on the results and the neighbors’ reactions, we’ll...

March Update

March 1, 2017

Memorial Tree Planting for Betty Nixon — Everyone is invited on March 9 at 11am to the Metro Parks Arbor Day Celebration at the Event Shelter in Centennial Park. A tree will be planted honoring the memory of Betty Nixon, former council member and neighborhood advocate who died late last year.

2017 Preservation Awards — The Metropolitan Historical Commission is now accepting nominations for the 2017 Preservation Awards program, honoring Davidson County’s best preservation projects. The public is invited to submit any building or structure, built no later than 1965, that has been restored, rehabilitated, or carefully maintained over time. The awards...

February Update

February 1, 2017

Friends of Eakin School may all want to provide support for PE Coach Hillary Strickland, whose house was severely damaged in a fire recently. The Eakin PTSO is coordinating efforts and can be reached by email, or neighbors can access a support fund here.

Property Reappraisal Update — The Davidson County Property Assessor met with members of the community on February 1 to discuss the county-wide property reappraisal that was just completed and explain how it could affect property taxes. State law requires a reappraisal of all property in the county every four years to ensure that taxes are based on...

January Update

January 1, 2017

Brush pick-up begins in BHN, Sunnyside, and 12th South on January 4 and in HWEN on January 11.

Walk N Bike — After months of community engagement for input, Walk N Bike—Nashville’s strategic plan for sidewalks and bikeways—will be presented to the public. The draft plan outlines Nashville’s major sidewalk and bikeway needs and a new approach for how to fill those needs. It identifies priority networks for both sidewalks and bikeways, as well as other recommendations to make Nashville a more walkable and bike-able city. There will be a series of meetings following the plan’s release beginning Monday, January 9, at...

December Update

December 1, 2016

The 12th South Winter Warmer 5k Race will once again take place around Sevier Park. Several streets will be closed off for a few hours on Saturday morning. This race benefits Hands On Nashville, as well as Greenways for Nashville and Village Real Estate’s 440 Greenway project! This year’s kids run will benefit Waverly Belmont, Glendale, and Julia Green — our neighborhood elementary schools. Each school will receive their entry fees back as a donation to their PTO. The school with the most participants will be awarded an additional financial donation from 12South Patrons at Play to support their PTO program. Sign your...

November Update

November 1, 2016

The HWEN Annual meeting is Thursday, November 10 at 7 at BUMC. Come learn about the plan to designate HWEN a Walking District.

The Memorial Service for Betty Nixon will be held on Saturday, November 12 at West End Methodist Church at 11 AM. Betty was the council member when HWEN was first formed to fight condemnation of homes in the neighborhood in the name of urban renewal and the original plan for I-440 to be built above ground. She was a fierce advocate for neighborhoods and went on to serve in the Vanderbilt office of government and neighborhood relations....

October Update

October 6, 2016

Brush pick-up starts in BHN, Sunnyside, and 12th South on September 30, and in HWEN on October 7. Place your brush where your garbage is collected — at the curb if your trash is collected there or in the alley if you have alley trash collection. Do not stack brush against trees, fences, utility poles or other stationary objects because the crane on the truck can’t operate around those. Do not place brush, clippings and/or leaves where they can be washed into a storm sewer, catch basin or stream and clog up drainage systems. Street Sweeping will take place in HWEN on or about October...

September Update

September 8, 2016

Middle Tennessee Long-Term Transit Plan — After more than 16 months of public outreach and community engagement, MTA has unveiled its long-term plan. The project team for the strategic planning process, known as nMotion, presented recommendations to the Boards of the Nashville Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) and Regional Transportation Authority of Middle Tennessee (RTA). A 30-day public comment period opened immediately after the meeting, and comments will be accepted via the nMotion project website, as well as at a series of upcoming community meetings listed here. Neighbors can attend the community open house onSeptember 15 at West End Middle School from 6 - 8pm....

June Update

June 1, 2016

  1. Congratulations to the owners of six homes in District 18 who were recognized in the Metro Historic Preservation Awards. Homes at 3111 Acklen Avenue, 1512 Paris Avenue, and 2008 19th Ave S were nominated for excellence in home renovations. An honorable mention was awarded to 1511 Dallas Avenue for a rear addition and repairs to the exterior, reversing some non-historic changes to the home and salvaging and reusing materials. 1612 Linden Avenue received an award for a renovation project that replaced and enlarged an early addition to the home. The rehabilitation of 2616 Belmont Boulevard received an award...

May Update

May 1, 2016

May is Nashville Bike Month beginning with Walk & Roll to School Day on May 11. Join Walk Bike Nashville as they celebrate their second annual Walk and Roll to School Day. Among the 13 schools participating will be Waverly Belmont. For questions or if you’re interested in joining, contact Katie Hoovler.

Dragon Parade and Dragon Music Sundays – Join Hillsboro West End Neighbors for their annual Dragon Parade on Sunday, May 15. Neighbors will gather at the Triangle Park at Natchez Trace and Blair at 2:30 and will start marching at 3. Decorated bikes and costumed children will...

April Update

April 1, 2016

The proposed project at the old Belcourt Nursing Home (1710 Belcourt) will be introduced at the Metro Council meeting on April 5 to request a zoning change from RM40 to allow for a 76-unit apartment building. Neighbors have attended two community meetings to learn about the project. While this is a good example of locating density on the corridors, there are still concerns about traffic. I will be meeting with Metro Public Works to discuss possible ways to avoid increased congestion in Hillsboro Village from this project.

The April 5th Council meeting will also include the first reading of the...

Village 21 Construction Progress Report

March 30, 2016

Read the contruction progress report here.

March Update

March 1, 2016

Tulips at Cheekwood — The gardeners at Cheekwood have planted a variety called Colour Spectacle dedicated to District 18. Other districts also have their own special varieties. Take the opportunity to enjoy the emergence of Spring and the official District 18 tulip.

Street Sweeping Schedule — Metro Water Services has a regular schedule for cleaning streets to keep leaves and other debris from clogging the storm water system. Residents can increase the effectiveness of this by moving their cars off the street on sweeping days. The Street Sweeping Schedule is published monthly here.

Annual Preservation Awards — The Metro...

February Update

February 1, 2016

Nashville Reads — Once again, the Nashville Public Library is sponsoring Nashville Reads, a city-wide book club. This year’s book is The Color of Water, the parallel stories of James McBride, one of twelve siblings in the all-black housing projects of Red Hook, Brooklyn, the son of a black minister and of his Jewish mother who would not admit she was white. Around his mother’s narrative, McBride has written a powerful portrait of growing up, a meditation on race and identity, and a poignant, beautifully crafted hymn from a son to his mother. Start reading now to be ready to participate in...

January Update

January 5, 2016

Dear Neighbors,

I hope everyone has enjoyed happy holidays. As we enter the new year, I’m sending news of the district and wishes for a happy and prosperous 2016 for everyone.

Metro Public Works has made arrangements for extra recycling as people clean up after the holidays. Residents can take paper and cardboard to any of the Metro’s recycling drop-off sites. Electronics can be taken to East Convenience Center seven days a week or to Omohundro Convenience Center Tuesday through Saturday free of charge. Christmas trees can be recycled at Elmington Park.

Hillsboro High Renovation or Rebuild – On Thursday,...

Proposed Amendments to Nashville’s Short Term Rental Regulations

January 2, 2016

BL 2015-94 proposes four changes to the existing short term rental regulations found in Metro Code 6.28.030. Please see below for each of the proposed changes and brief comments to provide background and address questions that have come up:

Section 1. That paragraph 6.28.030 B. be revised to read as follows: For the purposes of this section, “owner-occupied” means that the owner of the property permanently resides in the STRP. Detached Accessory Dwelling Units shall not be eligible for owner-occupied status.

This change limits the number of DADU’s that can be used for short term rental. It is in response...

Short Term Rental Property Overview

January 1, 2016

In February 2015, the Metro Council passed BL 2014-909 and 951, which provided definitions and guidelines for the emerging phenomenon of Short Term Rental Property. At that time, Nashville had over 1,000 short term rental properties (VRBO, air bnb, homeaway, Flipkey etc.), most of which had appeared since 2010. Short term rental is actually an important part of our hospitality economy, but the Metro Code was, up to that point, very unclear about how STRPs fit into our zoning laws. After studying what other cities had done to manage the growth of short term rental properties in residential areas and...